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Last updated on 12-21-2020 by Joep

This thread covers all of the rules on the SteelBite forum. If you feel like there is missing a rule or anything else you need support with, you can create a ticket here.

Posting minimal replies without adding anything meaningful to the topic in question.

Posting messages that are similar to each other and posted quickly after one another.

When you reply to a thread that has not been replied to in a long time so the thread topic became irrelevant and/or outdated. You can avoid this by checking the time stamps to make sure you're not replying to something from months ago.

Troll posts
Any post on the forum that is made to waste time or cause trouble will be removed. Staff will determine what exactly counts as a troll post. Having clickbait titles in your thread will be counted under this rule.

Post Farming
Creating a high amount of unnecessary posts to obtain a higher post count.

Continiously annoying other members or staff, after being asked to stop. This can be very personal. Staff will decibe wheter or not the member in question will be punished.

Inappropriate content
Any post or link that is inappropriate for the public view. So anything regarding pornograpic, sexual or horror content.

Offensive Language
Speech that contains language that may cause discomfort. This can be related to someone's age, name, gender, sexual preference, beliefs, medical conditions or political stance but is certainly not limited to this.

You should not put the IP-address anywhere. This includes signs and other forms of spreading the IP-address. However, you are allowed to say: “Join mmc.” or “Join Hypixel.”. These are examples of PvP servers and very famous servers.
Note: You are allowed to advertise your twitch or youtube in chat if you are currently streaming or if that video is of you playing on SteelBite.

Influencing suicide or self-harm
Anything related to a harmful action against another member. This includes making jokes or suggesting dangerous activities.

DDoS / Hack threats.
Any DDoS, doxing, swatting, etc. threats are strictly prohibited. This is something we are very strict about. If you are found with a booter, or IP’s, you will be punished.

Releasing personal information
Releasing other members their information is not allowed. E.g. Last names, social media accounts, address etc. It does not matter if this is true information or not. Ask the person you want to release information about if they are okay with it.
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