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Hello everyone,

In this document we have listed all the rules regarding SteelBite factions. By playing on SteelBite, you agree with the following terms:
  • It is the responsibility of the players to have knowledge of our rules, but also its responsibility to keep up with the rules, since these rules can change at any point of the map.
  • If rules are broken, the player will be punished accordingly. All bans and punishments are monitored by the senior staff team.
  • Screens Share verified staff members have the right to screenshare a player at any point, for whatever reason. Refusing to screen share, with whatever reason or excuse that may be, will lead to a punishment and removal of our network.
  • You have read and agreed with our general rules and our factions rules. The general rules can be found here.
If any rules or any other information listed here is unclear. Do not hesitate to ask a staff member for clarification. This can be done through a ticket in the Discord, or by PMing a staff member in game.

Note: Staff has the right to change the rules. This can be done at any point, but if a rule changes, this will be announced in the Discord and on top of this thread. In extreme exceptions, the management can decide to change a rule to protect SteelBite and her partners e.g. staff and players


Here we will list certain things that are important to know:

Factions Bans
These are all the bans a faction had during one season. All bans count as faction bans, unless stated otherwise.

Upgradable Tools
Upgradable Harvester Hoes will not be rolled back if they are lost. There are no exceptions to this rule.

It is mandatory to have your Discord linked. This can be done by typing /link in-game. You cannot play if your Discord is not linked to your Minecraft account. Screen share verified staff can screen share you for this.

Alternate accounts
You can have a maximum of 20 alternate account per IP.

For flyboost we have made an exception on rule Gameplay #1. We allow a maximum of 2x fly boost on Factions.

General Factions Rules​

1.1 Insiding
A faction is viewed as a team that works together towards a common goal. So when a player in a faction adds value to the faction, this value is considered property of the faction and not the player specifically. Insiding is not allowed, this includes but is not limited to the following things:
  • Taking a faction’s items, money or value.
  • Teleporting players outside the faction into the base, cane farms or cannon boxes.
  • Destroying / griefing the faction base, farms or cannon boxes.
  • Allowing themselves to be killed in order to make their faction over claimable.
Note: This ban will not count towards a faction ban if this was a solo action. In any other occasion this is a faction ban counted towards the faction that helped the Insiding player.

1.2 Alternate factions
The use of an alternate faction is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Bypassing faction roster size
  • Raid prevention
  • Claiming multiple pay-outs
  • Bypassing punishments
  • Hiding value
  • Claiming more than 1 corner
1.3 Destroying your own spawners
Removing / destroying your own spawners in any way to bypass spawner tax is not allowed. This also relates to destroying / blowing up your own spawners while getting raided.

1.4 Account sharing
Account sharing is not allowed at any point during a map. You must /link your discord in order to play.

1.5 Merging
Merging factions is allowed before the grace period has ended. You cannot merge the factions wealth or any other value / money. If you wish to join / start a new faction after the grace period has ended, you must obtain permission from a senior staff member. This includes, but is not limited to creating a faction and disbanding it after 3 minutes.
We as staff define the merging of factions as combining / sharing f top value with another faction. Any deal or action taken between multiple factions to boost f top value of any of the factions is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to giving value to a faction in order for them to secure their f top position. TNT cannot be shared with another faction.

1.6 Teaming / allying
Allies are NOT allowed. The following things can be seen as allying or teaming:
  • Factions are not allowed to team in PvP in the following areas: KOTH, Outpost, Envoy and warp PvP
  • Factions can not help each other defend a raid, raid another faction together or build cannons for each other.
  • Factions cannot share value, money or TnT.
  • Factions are not allowed to buffer / wall check for each other. If you are in wilderness, you can’t check walls / buffers for any faction.
  • Not raiding / attempting another faction for extended amounts of time.
    Note: The punishment of this rule is up to Sr. Staff discretion.
  • Selling spawners for less than 90% of their value in /shop can be seen as teaming.
1.7 Moving value
You can only move your spawners to a different base once every 48 hours and all the value must be fully moved within 1 hour. You also must wait 2 hours after previously defending against a raid before moving spawners to a different base.

1.8 Abusing rules, dupes, bugs or exploitations.
The abuse of any sort of bug, rule, dupe or exploit is strictly prohibited. Attempts to find loopholes or the abuse of those is strictly prohibited. If you encounter any loophole, bug or exploit, you are obligated to report this to a senior staff member. If you choose not to report, the punishment will be decided on the severity of the case.

1.9 Leeching
Stealing a raid or waiting for a faction to breach and stealing the loot is not allowed.

1.10 Raiding regulations
The defending faction cannot begin to patch using gen buckets, printer or sand bots until 15 minutes after the last shot was fired, this is when the raid is considered as over. They are then put into grace for 30 minutes during which no other faction is able to attack.

1.11 Interfering with a raid
You are not allowed to interfere with an active raid between two factions. This includes but is not limited to the following:
  • PvPing players that are participating in the raid.
  • Being on the base / cannon box walls
  • Helping to attack / defend in the active raid
  • Giving out information of any kind that could be used as an advantage for one of the two factions
  • Knocking players that part of the raid out of fly
  • Wilderness patching
1.12 Bitch claiming
It is not allowed to claim within a faction's 20-chunk buffer. But it is not allowed to have excessive claims outside a faction's buffer to prevent other factions from claiming or setting up their cannon boxes.

1.13 Raid claims
Raid claims can be a maximum of 10 by 10 chunks. You may only have one raid claim per side of a base. You cannot use claims outside of the 10 by 10 chunk area. For example, you may not claim additional claims to adjust off. You can only have one cannon per raid claim. You may have a 1x4 adjust claim on your cannon.

1.14 Corner claim
Factions are limited to only having one corner total.

1.15 Faction hopping
Faction hopping is not allowed, this is when a player switches factions after grace has ended. Whatever the reason may be, we will punish for this.

1.16 Abuse of sand wands
The abuse of sand wands is not allowed. During a raid you cannot use a sand wand to remove the sand stack from the faction shooting at you. This goes for raiding and defending factions.

1.17 AFKing (other factions) buffers / walls
It is not allowed to use alternate accounts to AFK on another factions' walls, buffers or cane farms. Preventing them from buffer checking, wall checking or hitting cane. Therefore you the player is also not allowed to be permanently on another faction's walls, buffers or cane farm.
It is also not allowed to AFK on your own walls.

1.18 Eligible for pay-outs
To be eligible for PayPal pay-out rewards, a faction must have at least 50 million value placed in their base. We check the potential value for the eligibility of payouts. For the faction top 1, we check the value on faction top itself. Do not confuse these 2 with each other. You also need to have at least 75 walls on each side on the base, the sides that are next to a worldborder are excluded from this rule.

Base Rules​

2.1 Hiding value
All of a faction’s value must be placed inside the faction base region. Therefore your base region must be set on your main shell. Any value obtained, must be placed within 12 hours. This will change to 4 hours after receiving it when it’s within the last 48 hours of the map. All spawners must be placed in one box, under one roof (excluding XP grinders). All faction value must be accessible and cannot be separated. A faction can not have more than 500,000,000 in their combined balances for longer than 2 hours when TnT is enabled.

2.2 Spawners
Blocking up spawners with any block or item to restrict enemies from obtaining spawners is not allowed. Enemies must be able to creeper egg the spawners, preventing the enemy faction from obtaining value, such as placing lava below your spawners is not allowed. Spawners must not be spread out across the ceiling to prevent enemies from getting to them or creeper egging them. All spawners must be accessible upon enemies entering the base. Spawners must be placed in a claimed area. This claim must be at least a 5 by 5, if there is more than 80 million in value, it must be a 12 by 12 chunk claim.

2.3 Walls
The following walls are not allowed:
  • Finnster walls / any other type of anti-nuke wall (maximum of 2 chunks per side allowed)
  • Regeneration walls of any kind
All your walls must be watered by the end of grace.

2.4 Base defences
Illegal base defences are not allowed. These include but are not limited to the following:
Cacti, fences, end portal frames, enchantment tables, chests, trapped chests, fence gates, cobblestone walls, carpets, banners, iron bars, beds, cobwebs, brewing stands and ender chests base defences are not allowed. Using any of the listed blocks to patch your walls is not allowed. It is not allowed patch in wilderness.
Oceans can be the width of the base + 2 chunks wide and 16 blocks long. So if a base is 6 by 6 chunks, the ocean can be 8 chunks wide. You can only have one ocean per side of the buffer.

2.5 Counter limitations
A faction can only have 1 buffer counter cannon per side and 1 side counter per side. You can only fire one counter at a cannon box, but you can shoot at another cannon with a different counter cannon. It is not allowed to counter someone from behind their cannon box. Buffer countering while on post-raid grace or while on shield is not allowed. Side countering is allowed while on shield and post-raid grace

2.6 Buffer limit
The buffer limit is 20 chunks. Equal to 160 walls from the base wall. You may not claim or build further than the 20 chunks. If a faction wants to build their base next to another factions base, they must ensure that there is at least a 45 chunk gap in between the edge of the buffers.

2.7 TNT Storage
All of your TNT must be stored in the same box as your other value. E.g. your TNT can not be in a different box than your spawners, may not be blocked off, and must be accessible upon enemies entering the base.

2.8 Unreachable base / cannon box.
All cannon boxes / your base must be accessible via ender pearls AND water.

2.9 Raid alerts / checkboxes
Having any sort of redstone checkboxes or raid detectors is not allowed.

2.10 Base size
Your base must be at least 16 by 16 blocks and have at least a 50 block gap between the ceiling and the floor. The base can be a maximum of 3 chunks off the border.

Cannon Rules​

3.1 Cannon speed
Cannon can only shoot once every 3 seconds.

3.2 Raiding with counters
Raiding with counters is not allowed.

3.3 Dispenser limit
A maximum of 5000 dispensers are allowed per cannon.

3.4 Cannons used to lag the server.
Cannons used to intentionally lag the server are not allowed. This includes firing cannons without any intentions, other than to lag the server.

3.5 Unclaimed cannons
Cannons can only be build in the faction claims and cannot be unclaimed until they've been broken / breached or chunkbusted (that's just the cannon box, if the walls are there that's fine.)

3.6 Illegal cannons / mechanics / strategies
The following cannons are not allowed:
  • Left & Right shooting
  • Mid-air stacking
  • Reverse nuking
  • U Fusions (unless they're counters)
  • Horizontal nuking
  • Roof cannons
  • Button spammers
  • Worm cannons
  • Probe / alien cannons
  • 360 counters
  • Chimney counters within the buffer
  • Shooting through multiple walls / reverse layers per shot.
  • Shooting at 2 places at once.
  • Auto adjust cannons
  • Overstacking is allowed but up to a maximum of 6 blocks
  • Backstacking against the border is not allowed.
3.7 Switching cannons
You are only allowed to shoot 1 cannon per raid at a time. Raiding factions can switch raid claims after 10 minutes. If you are defending you must also wait 10 minutes before you can switch counters. (e.g. if you are countering with a buffer counter and want to switch to a side counter, you must wait 10 minutes. You can switch whenever if the counters are on a different side and pointing at another side.)

3.8 Cannon box defences
A faction can have a maximum of 24 walls on their cannon box. You may use one chunk of Finnster / anti-nuke walls for your cannon box. Oceans can only be as wide as the cannon box and 8 blocks long. You can only have one ocean per side of the cannon box. Your cannon box must be breachable with 25 shots.

Raiding Outpost Rules​

These rules only apply in the raiding outpost world. (All other cannon rules still apply with these exceptions)
Note: Raiding-Oupost also resets after a failed raid. Raids can take a maximum of 60 minutes, after 60 minutes the raid will be stopped and the world will reset. This will be changed, but we're waiting to implement some more features to improve player experience.

4.1 Countering
You are allowed to counter a box from any side. Only the faction who has the raiding outpost captured can counter cannons that are setup on the outpost.

4.2 Raid claims
Raid claims can be a maximum of 7 by 7 chunks. Factions are limited to having 1 raid claim in the raiding outpost world.

4.3 Raiding
While attempting the raiding outpost or countering another faction, factions are limited to using 1 cannon box. This means that the raid claim/cannon box the faction started with must be used for the entire attempt! Factions are not permitted to switch to another cannon box or raid claim during the raid. This means if the defending faction breaches your cannon box you are not allowed to switch to another cannon box until 5 minutes from your last shot (this includes if your cannon blows).

Faction strikes​

If your faction breaks any of the rules, you can be given a strike. For this we came up with the following:
  • First strike is a warning.
  • Second strike is 15% of your faction top value deducted at the end of the map.
  • Third strike is 30% of your faction top value deducted at the end of the map.
  • Fourth strike is 45% of your faction top value deducted at the end of the map.
  • Fifth strike is a disqualification from faction top rewards. If you continue breaking rules after this, the faction can be disbanded and you will be removed from our network for the remaining time of the map.
If you think a strike was unfair, you can appeal them in the Discord.

Faction bans (1 strike)
Reaching 3 faction bans
Every ban after the 3rd faction ban will be a strike.

We have the right to disband or DQ a faction if it is a severe breach of the rules This includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Exploiting glitches or bugs
  • Permission abuse by a staff member
  • Raid detectors
  • Upon a faction quitting, their base will be world edited out.
  • Giving or merging any type of value
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