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In this thread I will be covering a basic guide to factions. This will include just about everything on how our server works, how to get started and many more things. I want to remind you that before playing on our server, it's very important to read the rules here.

First things you need to take care of:
So when you join the server, you will want to create a faction, or you can join someone elses faction. You can find different threads on faction recruitment here. Then you will probably want a corner claim. We have 12 corner available. You can run to them or use your votefly to get there a little quicker. You can receive your votefly by typing /vote and clicking the links. Every time you vote, you will receive 10 minutes of votefly.
When you've made sure that you own a corner, you can start by making money. The best way to get money is by either creating a big cactus farm, or grinding cane. If you do this using your harverster hoe, you can get a lot of money. You can also upgrade your hoe using /upgrade while holding the hoe in your hand. This will give you more money and more drops of the cane. You can switch the modes on how you want to receive sugarcane by right clicking your hoe.

When you've got your claim and enough money to start genning, you will want to get started on your base. Keep in mind that the minimal claim has to be 5 by 5 chunks. Once you reach 80 million of faction top value, you will need to have a 12 by 12 chunk claim. You can set up your base using the genbuckets we provide. The cost of these buckets can be found by typing /genshop in-game.

Once you've set up your base, you'll probably need to grind more cane to afford spawners. You can buy spawners in /shop. You'll need to get creeper spawners for TnT and other spawners for money. I think going for endermites or villagers is the best way to get money. You'll need to save up a lot of TnT before grace ends, so you can start raiding. You also might want to grind xp, you can use blaze spawners for high exp drops and witch spawners for higher gem drops.

Don't forget to set your base region in your base using /f setbaseregion while standing inside your base. This is so your shield can be activated. While being on shield, your base is protected from raids. The shields will last 16 hours and you can set the times up by typing /f shield. You can check other factions shields by typing /checkshield (factionname). By hovering over the chat message you can see what the times are when their shield is activated.

By playing on our server, you can get rewards. One of these rewards is winning faction top. The top 5 best factions will recieve rewards, ranging from $30 to $250. Another way to get paid is by winning sugarcane top. You can win this by grinding a lot of sugarcane. You can check the current leaderboards by typing /status. The winner will be decided when grace ends. This player will receive $50 Store Credit.

You can raid other factions by making cannons. There are some rules regarding the cannons and raiding which you can find here. Some bases require very complex cannons to raid, I suggest looking up tutorials on YouTube on how to make cannons.

We have our own custom enchantments which you can find here. You can use these as an advantage over other players. You can buy these enchantments using xp, which you can get from farming mobs. We also have our own envoy, which you can find at /warp envoy. This happens every 2 hours, or when someone uses an envoy flare. You can buy envoy flares in the /gemshop. We also have a warp PvP and a duel system you can use to duel other players without losing any personal stuff. Apart from all these things, we also have an outpost system, by controlling the outpost at /warp outpost you can get money, sell boosts and much more. Great way to get a start.

Sometimes we host events. When these happens, we will announce them in our Discord and here on the forums.

I hope I have informed you enough on the basics of our factions server. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask a staff member to help you. We're here to help you!

We wish you the best of luck and lots of fun!


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