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These rules are subject to change at any point. When a rule changes, they will be added here. By playing on the SteelBite server, you automatically agree to these rules. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the rules. However, we will announce when a rule changes in the #rules discord channel.

*If something is not (directly) in the rules, please use common sense to determine if it is right or wrong to do. You can still be punished for offenses that are not in the rules.

1. Racial, religious, derogatory, or homophobic insults
We do not allow any racial, religious, derogatory, or homophobic insults.

2. Advertising
We do not allow any form of advertising. For example: You should not put the IP-address anywhere (with the exception of practice servers to 1v1). This includes signs and other forms of spreading the IP-address. However, you are allowed to say: “Join mmc.” or “Join Hypixel.”. These are examples of PvP servers and very famous servers.
Note: You are allowed to advertise your twitch or youtube in chat if you are currently streaming or if that video is of you playing on SteelBite.

3. Foreign languages
You may only speak English in the chat.

4. Impersonating staff
You are not allowed to impersonate staff using the command /nick. What we mean by this is that you use for example: “Callum0508” as a nickname. Any other forms of trying to impersonate a staff member are forbidden.

5. Capitalized text
You are not allowed to use caps in chat. What we mean by this is sending an unnecessary amount of capitalized text in chat. For example: “HELP HELP WE ARE GETTING RAIDED.”. However, saying names or abbreviations in caps is allowed. For example: “LOL, what.”

6. Spamming
You are not allowed to send an excessive amount of sentences, text or characters.

7. DDoS, doxing, swatting, etc. threats
Any DDoS, doxing, swatting, etc. threats are strictly prohibited. This is something we are very strict about. If you are found with a booter, or IP’s, you will be punished. Releasing any personal information is not allowed. This includes making jokes about it.

8. Staff disrespect
You are not allowed to be disrespectful to staff. Each staff member will respond differently. Even if you don’t like a staff member, you still need to be respectful towards them. If there are any problems with a staff member, you can contact the owners about this.

9. Influencing suicide or self-harm
It is not allowed to recommend any form of self-harm.

10. Harassment or pessimism
It is not allowed to harass other players.

11. Lying to staff
Any form or attempt of lying to a staff member is strictly prohibited. We will find out if you lied or not and punished accordingly depending on how severe the lying was.

12. Sexual harassment
We do not allow any form of sexual harassment.

13. Inappropriate comments, links or symbols
We do not allow any inappropriate comments, links or symbols. We expect you to use common sense on what is appropriate and what not.

14. Server disrespect
We do not allow any form of server disrespect. If you don’t like something about the server, please give constructive feedback. You can do this on the discord in the suggestions channel, or on the forums. We want to improve the server for you and we listen to the feedback you give us.

15. Ban evasion
Evading your ban is not allowed.

16. Mute evasion
Evading your mute in any way possible is not allowed.

17. IRL trading
Real life trading for real life money is not allowed.

18. Bug abuse
Any form of abusing exploits or bugs is not allowed.

19. Sending links
Sending links is allowed. However it is not allowed to send links that try to gather personal information about the person that clicked the link.
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