Closed [December 2020 ~ Giveaway]


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Hey folks and a very merry Christmas to you all!

In light of the Christmas spirit, we're doing a giveaway to introduce the forums to you all, where you have a chance to win the new SteelGod rank!

To join this giveaway, all you need to do is make an account and reply to this thread.

What new perks does SteelGod let me use?

- First of all, you will get the [SteelGod] prefix in-game and all perks from the previous ranks.
- You will get the ability to change the colour of your nickname and [SteelGod] prefix.
- You will gain unlimited /sethomes
- Access to 20 personal vaults
- The new /kit SteelGod, which boasts Protection 5, Unbreaking 6 armor and Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 4 sword and axe.
- Permission to use /invsee

This isn't all either!

We have plans to introduce all kinds of unique perks to the SteelGod rank, so more reason to get excited and join the giveaway.

We look forward to seeing you on release tomorrow, thank you for joining us, and here is to another fantastic season on SteelBite!
Good luck everyone!